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The Marked Dragon Prince Trilogy

I’d always hoped to marry for love, but Fate had other plans.

My life was mundane and human until my family was threatened.

The price of protection for the people I love?

Being forced to marry a handsome peculiar man who shouldn’t have trouble finding a wife on his own.

I’m kidnapped—by his brother—who thrusts me into the midst of some sort of royal dragon war. Not only do I learn both my fiancé and kidnapper are dragon princes, but I’m the pawn in their demented game.

And now, there's this attraction to my fiancé’s brother that threatens to overpower my soul and makes me want to forget all the unforgivable things my kidnapper has done.

Nothing is as it seems, but my goal hasn't changed--I won't let my family suffer, even if it breaks my heart.

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Coming Soon
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