Reading Order


Silver Wolf
Broken Mate
Rising Darkness
Silver Moon


Demon Wolf Ruined Mate Shattered Curse Fated Souls

Royal Vampire Cursed Mate
Shadow Bitten
Demon Blood


Dark Angel (Coming Soon)
Fallen Angel
Demon Marked
Dark Prince
The Wolf Born Trilogy
Hidden Mate
Blood Secrets
Awakened Magic
The Hidden King
Dragon Mate
Dragon Heir
Dragon Queen
The Marked Wolf Series
Moon Kissed
Chosen Wolf
Broken Curse
Wolf Moon Academy Shadow Mate
Blood Legacy
Rising Fate
Bloodshed Academy
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
The Half-Breed Prison
Stones of Amaria
Kingdom of Storms
Kingdom of Shadows
Kingdom of Ruins
Kingdom of Fire
The Artifact Reaper Saga
Reaper of Earth
Reaper of Wings
Reaper of Flames
Reaper of Water
The Pearson Prophecy Dawning Ascent
Enlightened Ascent
Reigning Ascent
Stand Alone
Fated Mates/Rising Alpha
Death's Angel