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My destiny caught up to me, and it could destroy everything.

I almost miss my life as an outcast where being the target of cruel jokes and laughter was the worst that could happen.

Instead, I’m faced with the fallout of my true heritage and dealing with the wolf shifter king and a secret society hunting my newly formed pack.

Now that Raffe’s and my fated mate bond is complete, our enemies are more desperate to kill me.

War is here, and the stakes are higher than ever for my pack, Raffe, and our future.

But tragedies continue to hit, eventually forcing our hand to make a decision that could end our life as we know it.

Raffe and I are willing to fight everyone for a future together or die trying.

Get this steamy and suspenseful touch her and unalive, broody male, forbidden love, fated mates, royal wolf shifter romance today!

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