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The truth didn’t set me free.

Instead, it shattered my world and destroyed everything I thought I knew. I had been hidden away with my powers cloaked by those who were desperate to protect me. But now that my true identity has been revealed, a vile enemy is desperate to capture me.

I need Cyrus, my fated mate, now more than ever. His support makes me stronger, and I need that strength as I uncover more about my hidden heritage. By doing so, I inadvertently awaken deadly threats that target me and those I love.

Danger is closing in as my adversaries grow intent on killing Cyrus and handing me over to the prince of Hell. To protect my mate, I'll have to harness my emerging powers and prepare for war.

My days as a pawn are over, and I will fight to protect those I hold dear... even if it takes my last breath.

series now complete

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