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I'm the last surviving member of my pack, and I'm running for my life.

As the future pack leader of the Silver Wolves, my life was carefully planned: stay hidden, and learn to fight. In an instant, everything changes.

My pack was slaughtered by an unknown enemy. Alone and unsure who to trust, I search for safety.

Now, there's a pack leader who offers me something that no one else can--protection.

He’s sexy, an absolute jerk, and my fated mate.

The more I try to fight our bond, the more fate pushes us together. But the price may be too much for both of us.

I’m being hunted, and the choices I'm forced to make could destroy me.

Broken Mate Paperback

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  • This is a signed paperback of Broken Mate. 

  • All purchases within the USA include shipping. International shipping with have additional costs associated with it based on quantity and weight. 

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